Another old building free photo for blogs

Another old building free photo for blogs

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  • Photo title - "Another Old Building"
  • When and where - This building looks really old when I was standing in front of it.  I took this building free photo for blogs in Charleston, South Carolina.  I think I created about a thousands of buildings pictures during my visit there.  It took me about 6 hours to walk around the Historic District.  For those who are interested to travel there you will surely enjoy the cobblestone street, landscaping, cemeteries, churches, lots of gardens and iron gates around the Historic District.  Try peeking through the iron grill.  You will find interesting subjects like old angel or girl statues, or Cherub fountains.  The architecture is hard to miss.  You may want to skip the tour so that you can take your time enjoying the view at the same time take photos.  Just make sure you hit Calhoun Street, John Street, Battery South, King Street, and East Bay Street.  Few favorite houses photographers mention include the Aiken Rhett and Nathaniel Russell House.  I also found this blog [Charleston Daily Photo]  to be helpful.
  • Possible uses -  If you are a blogger and you are in search for free photo for you blog, you can use this as a generic building photo for any blog post requiring a photo of a building.
  • Photo editing tool - I found a small but powerful  photo application called Painteresque and used it to edit this building picture.  Painteresque appears to be perfect for panoramic views, building pictures and anything taken from a distance.  
  • Gear - Sony Nex C3


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