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1 Million Free Pictures Gallery

As mentioned in the About page, I am dedicating my amateur pictures into the public domain.  All my free pictures are available for online download.  In order to help those who are in search of free pictures find what type of picture they are looking for, I summarized the categories or galleries below.  Also, I added links to where to find these pictures so you can easily find them.  Due to the limits of a Blogger platform, the search function of this photo blog is not perfect so I will try to put as many links and pointers to find photos you might be looking for.  As much as I want this photo blog to be a fully searchable site, there are limits which can be fixed but for a price.  Anyway, I hope you will find the pictures you are looking for whether for commercial of personal use.  Please do not hesitate to send me notes for improvements.  Again, thank you for the visit! 



Who does not love animals?  This is probably one of the top 5 of my favorite subjects.  I think I have about 3,000 pictures of animals from birds, snakes, frogs, horses, crocodiles, dogs, cats, meerkats, elephants, rats, squirrels, donkeys, monkeys, rhinos, turtles, fish, and many more.  Most of these pictures were taken at zoos or just in parks.  

Auto Pictures

This is where I dedicate all my amateur pictures that somehow relate to cars, trucks, and anything related to automotive.  I usually take photos of cars parked on the streets or anywhere public.  Sometimes I also randomly take photos at the parking lots especially when the cars are really nice or unusual or maybe a classic one.  One of these days I will attend a car show and will post my pictures here as well.  For now, I will be sharing photos of anything automotive related from random locations.


Woman's bust
In every place I visit, there is always art like a statue, painting, or just random art installations.  I always take pictures of these interesting works of art.  A lot of times, in any tourist spot I go, these are the most popular sites being photographed.  An example will be the Silver Cloud Gate in Chicago.  There are many more and I am dedicating all my amateur pictures of these pictures into the public domain.


Everywhere I go, there is always a bicycle tied to a post or a person riding a bicycle so I decided to create a category based on bicycles.  I think I have about a hundred of these photos.  Sometimes I also rent a bicycle when I am in a bicycle friendly city and its actually a convenient mode of exploring the city as it allows you to go into places you cannot visit using a car.  It also allows you flexibility in terms of parking as most cities nowadays rent out parking spaces.


Building Free Picture
Buildings pictures is probably the most number of pictures in this photo blog and the reason is I like taking photos of old historic buildings, new modern skyscrapers, or just houses.  A lot of these photos includes my favorite place, Charleston, South Carolina, and many other cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, Savannah, Atlanta, Nashville, and many more. I will be adding a lot more of these building photos.

Clothing and Shoes

Here is a collection of clothing and shoes pictures.  I am not a big fan of fashion photography but sometimes I take few photos here and there

Doors and Windows

Door free picture
Passageways are another favorite subject I enjoy a lot. Sometimes I could spend an hour taking photo of a door or a window trying various points or view and filters and styles.  I just feel like doors and windows are so mysterious you never know what is behind them. The mystery behind it give me enough motivation to take different pictures of the same door or window in one photo shoot.


Whenever I find a good photo app that allows me to doodle or draw, I make sure I share my creations.  I actually am not good at drawing stuff but I try to practice whenever I have time.  I plan to grow this collection in the next two to three years.

A coin
This is more of a catch all for photos related to business establishments, money, and anything related to finance. Sometimes when I am home and I am bored, I reach out for coins of bills and take photos of them.  I also try to take photos of popular business establishments wherever I go.


You see people on restaurants taking photos right?  I am one of them.  I always try to take  a picture of what I am about to eat just because I like to take photo of it.  Some people say it is stupid.  I say it is but no one is getting hurt when people do it right?  My food pictures include fruits, vegetables, restaurant food items, and many more.  Sometimes I take photos of food at home as I have more control.



Flower photography is probably the most popular photo subject during spring and summer seasons as these are the period where you find unlimited source of inspirations.  You can go to a botanical garden or in a park or even your backyard, if you like gardening, and you will find flowers.  There are so many gardens in Atlanta so I never run out of photo shoot locations.  I also have a small garden with few flowers so I could just sit in my front yard and shoot away.  Some of the most popular flowers I shoot include sunflowers, violets, daisies and many more.


Leaves photos are my favorite during the fall for obvious reasons.  I like the thought of capturing the beauty of a leaf before it becomes part of the earth.  Sometimes I would walk around parks and take photos of leaves on the ground. I also go to my backyard and find leaves on the grass or on the dirt and the beauty of it is that you don' even have to move them to get good photos.

Letters and Words

When I am bored, I create letters and words using various phone applications.  Some of the most popular one I use are the black boards where you can write whatever you want and upload them as an image. I also create boards with the calendar names or country names.  Its just my way of having to do something while thinking of other photo ideas to do.  Its also a good time to create sign or quotations for social network purposes.

Musical Instruments

This started with the photo of my classical guitar.  I then realized that musical instruments is a good subject.  I try to use my macro lens to capture good musical instruments photos.  I do not have a lot of musical instruments at home, just my acoustic guitar and classical guitar but I try to take pictures whenever I see one.  When I visited Nashville,Tennessee I saw a lot of musical instruments.  Also, I may one day rent a store and take photos to catalog different types of musical instruments.


Number 96
While walking along the street of Atlanta looking for photo subjects, I noticed that the house numbers have their own character so I started taking photos of house numbers. I then branched out to numbers found everywhere (parking lot numbers, baby toy numbers, car numbers).


Tip jar
These are random object pictures that are not classified in any of the other topics herein.  Some of these are just daily random things such as jars, cups, knifes, pillows, baby toys, flip flops, computer mouse, keyboard, spoons, and many more.  This is my catch all category for objects.


Flower Painting
I enjoy converting my amateur ordinary photos into painting-like images.  I use various apps and the best ones I post here.  Some of these paintings created using these apps can be printed and a lot of them actually looks like they are paintings, except for the paper texture of course.


Man with his violin
These are pictures of people on the streets, mostly street musicians or performers.  I do my best to ask for permission to take their photos and they generally are okay with it.  Also, most of my people photos are taken in public places such as public parks, streets, festivals, or public performances to name a few.


These are locations such as cemeteries, public parks, plantations, government offices, nature trails and many more.  It is the catch all for photos of places that are not included in any of the categories above.  Sometimes I also post pictures of popular tourist spots in this category.  These are dedicated into the public domain so feel free to download and use them for any purpose as long as they are not for illegal purposes.


These are free pictures of plants available for online download and use by bloggers or anyone.  This category includes free images of trees, shrubs, flowers not included above, succulents, perennials and annuals, to name a few.  I also include pictures of gardens or plantations in this category of free pictures.

Popular Tourist Spots

Washington Monument
Whenever I visit a popular tourist spot, I make sure I take a lot of photos for remembrance sake.  Of course I enjoy the sights and scenes first and take photos next.  These photos includes my amateur photos taken during my trips to Charleston, New York City, Miami, Chicago, Tennessee, Houston, and many more.  I plan to add more as I travel more in the future.

Quotes and Sayings

These edited photos that has popular quotes and sayings.  these can be used for social networks such as Facebook, or Twitter. 

Roads and Bridges

Whenever I travel, I always see a popular road, street, or a bridge.  This is where I classify them.

Seats and Swings

Bench under a tree
Parks and museums offer awesome seats and bench photo opportunities.   I always wondered who might be the last person to have sat on it.  

Ships and Boats

a boat
I take pictures of ships or boats when I am in the marina, pier or in the beach and a random ship passes by.


True Gits Sign
These are random signs I see on the streets.


Here are snow related free images for any purpose.  These images of snow can be used by anyone.  I usually take these pictures in New York City when I visit my cousins during winter.  

The Body

I sometimes take photos of my feet, fingers, eyes, toes, nails and many other body parts.  I also have American Sign Language stock photos.  


If I see the sky and I see shades of orange and red with good cloud formations, I will take photos for sure.  Lots of them.  I just love taking pictures of the paintings in the sky.


Beach free picture

Anything related to the sea, beach, or water goes in this category.  I grew up in the pacific so I love beaches!  Everytime my wife and I have a chance to go to the beach, we grab it and I take hundreds of photos of the beautiful clear blue water, pure white clouds in the blue sky and just people enjoying the waves and the sand.  I have a couple of photos taken in South Beach here.


This is where I post random photos.  For example, I have 15 photos composed of various subjects, I put them there so these blog posts could include various categories or subjects already included above or below.  This is where everything else goes.


Baseball game

A lot of these pictures will be baseball sports pictures.

Stock Market Charts

We are also including a new subject discussing stock market charts and tickers.  Note that any commentary related to these stock charts are our personal opinion and should not be considered as trading or investing advice.  These are for entertainment only.  Please consult with your investing or trading advisors for your personal investment or trading needs.  These images are mainly for illustration purposes.  These charts were created using an awesome IOS app called Stock Master


Black and White

Black and white building pictue
When I purchased my Sony Nex C3 camera few years ago, I discovered that it had a function that captures black and white pictures.  I got hooked and for few weeks, I took all black and white pictures.  I have a long way to go in terms of learning the correct way of making black and white pictures and I am enjoying every moment learning it.  My black and white pictures includes random subjects such as body parts, buildings, windows, animals, and many more.

Close Up and Macro 

Flower macro
I envy photographers who create amazing close up and macro photos so I decided to learn more about it.  As most people do, I started with Google and found this very helpful article (Macro Photography for Beginners).  After few articles, I started taking photos using the macro function of my camera but I was not getting good macro photos.  I went back to the drawing board and found out that I should also purchase a dedicated lens for macro photos so I went online and got me one (I purchased Sony SEL 30M35 F3.5  E-mount Nex Macro Lens and I was pleased with the photos I was making.  I am still a newbie in terms of macro photos but I will get there.


Scared eggs
These are random funny pictures I took during my trips.  Sometimes I also plan out a funny scene but most of the time, these will be photos I think are funny or have potential to be funny or hilarious.  I also plan to do a project that will create just funny pictures based on suggestions online.  I found several photo ideas about funny subjects.  I will be sharing them here as soon as I complete one set of these funny pictures.



This is probably one of my top 5 photo applications because of the simplicity of using it.  This is one of the apps released by Jixipix.  Grungetastic has 5 settings where you can create awesome photos out of ordinary pictures.  You can adjust setting of each filters.  Filters include Pop Grunge, Bleached Style, Grunge, Distressed Style, Gritty Style, Worn Style, Worn Pop Style.  You can adjust the paper textures, tone, edge texture and many more.  It has unlimited possibilities and you can experiment with different color schemes until you get what you want from this photo app.


Building with blue windows
This is my number photo app.  Thanks to Simon Funk who created this small but very powerful photo app.  It only has 7 filters but man they do make amazing creations out of ordinary photos.  When I discovered this photo app, I could not stop using it.  I think I ended up editing about a thousands photos in 3 weeks of use.  This app is not boring like other apps and I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do.  Read more about creating awesome photos using Painteresque.


Colorful building
This is probably the most playful photo app of all.  It creates the most colorful and amazing photos and I am sure you will love it too. Phototropedelic gives you the 1960's Pop Art feel and you can also print them in high definition.  Some people say it is 4 decades late for the hippies to have enjoyed them but as soon as you get your first colorful image, you will get hooked just like a hippie would have been.  


Haiku House
This is another Jixipix creation.  This is another one of my favorites.  Your creativity is the only limit in this photo app. This has a playful style in watercolor-like effects.  You can create an abstract watercolor or stylized watercolor effects and each of these effects have tons of filters you can choose from.  Another awesome feature is the random feature that allows the app to randomly select a filter for your photo.  



One of the most downloaded pictures from my photo blog based on the thank you notes I have been receiving are background pictures. I guess a lot of these background pictures are used for various projects such as quotations, website templates, base for art works and many more.  I create background photos by taking pictures of flat surfaces with patterns.  An example will be a picture of the floor, a brick wall, blue sky, tiled floor and many more.


Guitar Poster
There are many photo apps that allow you to create very good poster like images and I am sharing them here. You can use these posters in online business such as Etsy, CafePress, Zazzle and many more. You can also just print them for personal use.


Photography Ideas 

Mother and Child

My journey with photography is a lot about learning the art of making good photographs.  Sometimes I need an inspiration to get the creative juices flowing and I found that reading other photographers photography ideas actually helps.  I am dedicating my creations as a result of these creative photography ideas I found from various sources.  Some of the common ideas I found includes the 365 days of photography, mother and child, Bokeh, erode, abstract, street photography, burnt, daily photo, stitch photos and many more.  I have a couple in my hard drive and I will catch up with my posting of these pictures in this photo blog.

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