Breakfast free picture for blogs

Breakfast free picture for blogs

Omelette and fruit breakfast free picture

Free Picture Description

  • Photo title - "Omelette"
  • When and where - This was in 2013 at the Highland Bakery in midtown Atlanta.  Three years ago, my wife and I live really close to a lot of breakfast restaurants and Highland bakery is one of our favorites and of course, omelette is staple.  I can easily make one at home but sometimes we just like to eat out once in a while.
  • Possible uses -  I think this can be used by a food blogger in search of a generic breakfast photo.  Also, I think someone who is in search of a free picture of omelette for an eBook can use this.
  • Photo editing tool - This free picture of an omelette breakfast was edited using a phone app called Painteresque.  
  • Gear - HTC M8


eggs, scrambled eggs, omelette, fruit bowl, breakfast, free picture, public domain content 

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