Buildings free picture panoramic view for blogs

Buildings free picture panoramic view
Picture of buildings taken from the top

Free Picture Description

  • Photo title - "From the Top"
  • When and where - This free picture for blogs was taken in 2012 in Chicago City. This was from the higher floors of the John Hancock Center.  It was a crowded day at the building but it was worth it.  I enjoyed the view from the top of the building.
  • Possible uses -  For those in search of a generic buildings free picture with panoramic view, you can use this picture.  I think this this can also be a good image for a poem or haiku about cities or something like that.
  • Photo editing tool - I found a small but powerful app called Painteresque.  This is one of the results of the Painteresque 2 filters.
  • Gear - Sony Nex C3


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