10 public domain sunset pictures

Question:  Where can I find public domain  sunset pictures?  I am planning on building a blog about sunsets and stories about beautiful skies and rainbows and all that stuff but I don't know where to start in terms of where will I download pictures that I will use for my blog.  Any sunset picture will do as long as it is free.  I will be posting stories and poems so the pictures will just be added illustrations for my blog.  Please let me know where to download pictures.  I do not want to pay so I really don't care much about the photo quality as it will be more of an art.

Answer:  Here are 10 public domain pictures of a sunset.  I took these pictures in Destin in 2012.  Please check out more of my sunset free picture collections.  Cheers!

public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1040)public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1041)public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1042)public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1043)public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1044)public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1045)public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1046)public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1047)public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1048)public-domain-sunset-pictures-1 (1049)

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