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Question:  Where can I find images of flowers I can download for free?  My latest blog post is about flowers and I was hoping to improve the quality by adding pictures.  I searched for free images and there are literally millions of free images but its not clear as to where these pictures are from and who created them so its kind of risky to just take these images. 
Answer:  Here are my own creations and I am releasing them into the public domain so feel free to use them in your blog.
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free-images-flowers-1 (1090)free-images-flowers-1 (1091)free-images-flowers-1 (1092)free-images-flowers-1 (1093)free-images-flowers-1 (1094)free-images-flowers-1 (1095)free-images-flowers-1 (1096)free-images-flowers-1 (1097)free-images-flowers-1 (1098)free-images-flowers-1 (1099)free-images-flowers-1 (1100)free-images-flowers-1 (1101)free-images-flowers-1 (1102)

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