6 free pictures of Jollibee in New York

Question:  Where can I find free pictures of the Jollibee store in New York?  Can someone share their pictures?  I am working on a blog  post about Pilipino restaurants around the world and a photo will help a lot.
Answer:  Here are pictures I took several months ago.  Cheers!

free-pictures-jollibee-new-york-1 (1071)free-pictures-jollibee-new-york-1 (1072)free-pictures-jollibee-new-york-1 (1073)free-pictures-jollibee-new-york-1 (1074)free-pictures-jollibee-new-york-1 (1075)free-pictures-jollibee-new-york-1 (1077)

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