8 public domain pictures Charleston buildings

Question:  Where can I find public domain pictures free for use for bloggers?  I have a blog about the old historic buildings of Charleston South Carolina and I was hoping to find pictures I can use in my blog.
Answer:  Here are 8 of my first installment of Charleston buildings pictures.  I have a lot more and I will be sharing a lot more sets of pictures available for download and use for any purpose.
public-domain-pictures-charleston-buildings-1 (944)public-domain-pictures-charleston-buildings-1 (945)public-domain-pictures-charleston-buildings-1 (946)public-domain-pictures-charleston-buildings-1 (947)public-domain-pictures-charleston-buildings-1 (948)public-domain-pictures-charleston-buildings-1 (949)public-domain-pictures-charleston-buildings-1 (950)public-domain-pictures-charleston-buildings-1 (951)

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