8 public domain pictures of Charleston buildings

Question:  I am working on a blog about the beautiful old buildings of Charleston and I was hoping to find downloadable public domain pictures.  I did a search of public domain pictures free for download and use for any purpose but most of the photo blogs offering free pictures require a lot of stuff like registrations and some fee.  Can someone show me where to find public domain pictures I can use for  my blog?
Answer:  Here are some pictures you can download and use.  I also have Chicago buildings and Chicago public domain pictures in case you want to create a blog about Chicago as well.
public-domain-pictures-charleston-1 (1247)public-domain-pictures-charleston-1 (1248)public-domain-pictures-charleston-1 (1249)public-domain-pictures-charleston-1 (1250)public-domain-pictures-charleston-1 (1251)public-domain-pictures-charleston-1 (1252)public-domain-pictures-charleston-1 (1253)public-domain-pictures-charleston-1 (1254)

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