Macrophotography project : 18 close-up flower photos

Project title:  Macro photography Flowers
Description:  Here's another set of free close-up flower photos I am releasing into the public domain.  These flower photos were created using a Sony 30mm f3.5 macro lens.  Please come back to see my progress on this area.  I need a lot of practice to improve my macro photography skill.  I give myself a grade of 3 out of 10 on these pictures.  For those who are looking or in search of high quality macro photos but are unable to find them in my photo blog, feel free to check my listing of websites that offer high resolution close-up flower photos.  As a reminder please make sure you revisit few tips when using public domain pictures just to make sure you are on the right.

close-up-flower-photos-1 (1175)
beautiful red flower close up photo
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1148)
close up flower picture
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1149)
close-up picture of a violet flower
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1151)
yellow petals and sepals
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1153)
sepal and petal free picture
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1156)
public domain picture of a flower
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1158)
free downloadable close-up flower image
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1159)
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1160)
macro photo of a flower
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1165)
macro photo of filaments and anther
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1161)
flower commercial use free picture
close-up-flower-photos-1 (1163)close-up-flower-photos-1 (1164)close-up-flower-photos-1 (1166)close-up-flower-photos-1 (1168)close-up-flower-photos-1 (1170)close-up-flower-photos-1 (1172)close-up-flower-photos-1 (1175)

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