Where can I find free pictures for bloggers?

Question:  I am looking looking for free pictures for bloggers, where can I download them at no cost?
This used to be my question a few months ago.  I just learned about blogging (late bloomer) and one thing that was always a challenge was where to find pictures I can use for my blog.  First of all, I do not have a portfolio of random pictures I can pull pictures from anytime I need one.  I also am not a professional photographer so I really cannot just whip my camera out and take a photo of a subject I need.

So I did my research and I found atleast 300 photo blogs which are basically repositories of free pictures.  I noticed that a lot of them somehow required a little fee.  Well, atleast for the photo blogs I found.  I also noticed that some of them are copies of of an already existing gallery of free pictures!
This game me an idea to start my own repository of free pictures!  One that offers all pictures for free and available for download by bloggers for any purpose.  This is how this photo blog was born.
So one day I just decided to purchase camera (Sony Nex C3) and start learning photography and sharing my pictures free of charge.  I initially thought of adding watermarks but I realized that it really doesn't matter.  So to I am releasing all my pictures with no watermarks. 

To keep me going, I decided to name it 1 Million Free Pictures, to remind me of my goal which is to release 1,000,000 absolutely free pictures!

Here are some of my free pictures free for download.



I have much more so feel free to browse this photo blog. 

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