5,000 free pictures available for commercial or personal use now available for online download!

As of November 2014, I am proud to announce that 1 Million Free Pictures now have 5,000 pictures available for online download! All our free pictures are for commercial or personal use for free!!!  It was only few months ago when our photo blog reached our 1,000 public domain picture milestone and now we  have reached a new level of success!

As far as user experience is concerned, we have so far received hundreds of thank you notes, critical comments, suggestions, and advice which we are taking into consideration  in continuously making our photo blog provide a better service of providing bloggers, website owners, researchers and others access to an online source of free pictures.

Here's a summary of available for online download free pictures.

Black and White Pictures
My black and white pictures are either edited using various photo apps or are taken originally as black and white using my camera.  By the way I use an old Sony Nex C3 or my HTC M8 phone calera app.

guitar free picture in black in white
guitar free picture in black in white
Artista Oil Edited Pictures
Artista Oil is a photo application I use via my phone to edit my pictures.  Here's an example of a brick house picture edited using this app.  Notice that this make original pictures look more like oil paintings.

brick house picture edited using Artista Oil
brick house picture edited using Artista Oil
Etchings Free Pictures
Last year, I discovered this awesome Ios photo application called Etchings.  What is does is that it transforms your pictures into etchings and they look awesome.  It was several filter options and they all make your pictures really stand out.  Here is one example of  a picture edited using Etchings photo app.
cat free picture edited using Etchings
cat free picture edited using Etchings
Glazed Painting-like free pictures
Another favorite Ios photo app I use a lot in my phone is Glaze.  I call the edited photos Glazed.  This app turns your amateur pictures into painting-like images and they are really very creative looking.  Some of them are worth printing and they can pass as real paintings 3 feet away!  This app I use to edit my pictures has about a hundred filters and they produce beautiful and unique pictures.

flower picture edited using Glaze [notice the detail]
Grunge Photos
I learned about Jixi Pix apps and one of the best photo apps they released is called Grunge. I love this app I use it a lot to edit tons of my amateur free pictures.  I post my free picture edited using Grunge via email so the photo quality gets shrink to a lower resolution but still, these pictures look unique and arstsy.

baby fee free picture edited using Grunge
Haiku Pictures
Another photo app released by JixiPix is called Haiku. It pretty much turns your pictures into colorful artwork.  I have experimented with this tool using my free pictures and I was pleased with the photo results.

building edited using Haiku photo app
Macro Photos
I bought a Sony macro lens and I have ever since loved it!  Everytime I get a chance to use my macro lens, I use it, and I use it a lot,especially when taking photos of hundreds of flowers.  There's a  botanical garden here in Atlanta and I go there a lot especially during bloom season to take hundreds and even thousands of flower pictures.

macro photo of a flower
This is probably my most used photo app.  Paintereque is a creation by Simon Funk.  This app is the best of all apps.  It it really simple to use and produces high quality work of art even with a bad photo.  Included in the pictures available for commercial use are probably several hundreds of Painteresque edited pictures.

pink door edited using Paintereque
Phototropedelic is a 60's themed photo app.  Whenever I am feeling like the 60s, I use this app.  This was introduced to me by a friend who edited tons of his photos using this app and sold them online.  I heard he got hundreds of downloads.

Quotes in pictures
Once in a while, I also create quotations in pictures using my own amateur photos.

quotation in picture
Water Reflection
Here's another cool app where it creates a mirror image in the form of water reflection.

water reflection
Due to the limitation of Blogger,  I tried to create photo groups for additional options to navigate the maze of photos that I have dedicated into the public domain.  I have a site map but I also shared link to the groups of pictures.

Photo Friday
I also recently joined Photo Friday and I am tagging them here for fun.

Photography Ideas
This is where I label my blog posts about photography ideas I find interesting and actually create.

Official Count of free pictures available for online download : 5,000 free public domain pictures!!
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