Turtle free pictures for blogs available or commercial use

Free picture of a turtle for commercial use.
Old turtle

Turtle pulic domain picture for blogs.
Slow turtle

Turtle stock photo free for online download.
The tutle

Free image of a turtle for commercial use.
Free picture of a tutle

Description:  These turtle free pictures were taken about a year ago at a zoo.  Feel free to download and use them for commercial use.  I watched this cute animal, a reptile to be exact, slowly move as if the work will never end.  It after about 30 minutes, it finally arrived at its destination.  Slow but sure.
Keywords:  animals, turtle, reptile free picture for blogs
How to make money from these free pictures:  I think you can edit these pictures to create a nice little cover for a book.  You can also use this for quotations about patience and perseverance.
Camera: Sony NEX C3
Photo license: Public Domain

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