Random public domain pictures for blogs or websites

Public domain picture of a family home.
As a blogger, you can use this in a blog post about single family homes or any blog post related to possible buying a house.

Public domain picture of a post stamp with an eagle head.
If you are in search for a stamp with an eagle in it, this picture might help you.

Public domain picture of the US Capitol building in DC.
Here is an edited picture of the US Capitol building.

Here is another public domain picture of the popular US Capitol building.
If you are looking for an artsy version of the US Capitol building you can download and use for commercial use, here is another picture you can use.

US Capitol building free picture for blogs and websites.
Here is a downloadable free picture of the US Capitol building for website owners.  This picture can be used for commercial purposes.

Buildings free picture taken from the sea.
This is the skyline of Chicago City taken from a boat.

Public domain picture of a baseball game for blogs and websites.
This picture of a baseball game was taken in one of the Atlanta Braves games during summer.

Coffee beans free picture.
Free picture of coffee beans available for bloggers and website owners.

Downloadable online, picture of oranges and bananas.
Oranges and bananas public domain picture.

Flowers design free picture for commercial use by blogs.
Flower designs for background.

Free picture of the American flag on a stamp.
American flag stamp picture.

Public domain picture of strawberries.
Strawberries on a plastic bag.

I make money uploading these free pictures of strawberries.
Strawberries free picture.

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