1 Million Free Pictures now has thousands of building images dedicated into the public domain!

What is public domain picture?

Public domain building pictures
Before we dive in into the world of public domain pictures, let us fist understand what public domain mean to avoid confusion.   Public domain defined as belonging to the public and is not subject to copyright.  Let’s understand this further below.
  • Belonging to the public.  This means the material, a photo for this blog’s purposes, is not owned by anyone therefore it is available for use for any purpose (commercial or non-commercial). 
  • Not subject to copyright.  As this is not owned by anyone therefore no one can claim copyright protection.

So how do these pictures become part of public domain?

There are many way as to how these pictures become public domain.  Here is a summary of how.
  • Copyright expires. 
  • Material is dedicated into the public domain by the creator of the material.  This is how my pictures arrive into the public domain

Why I am giving them away

So why am I giving away my building pictures?  The answer is simple.  I like the idea that someone out there is enjoying my creative work.   I have been asked before by some of my blog readers about how I feel about professional photographers being hurt by amateur photographers like me who give away their work while professional photographers are hard at work making money from selling their photos.  Like any other profession, the world is fast changing and they should adopt of else they will lost their profession.  This is a very challenging time for professional photographers as everyone with a smart phone can nowadays create an awesome photograph.

So far I receive thank you emails and it is enough to motivate me and keep me going.

Before I started giving away thousands of my building photos, I asked myself…”What possibly can someone use my building photos for?” and then I read somewhere that Blogger alone have about 100 million users and if 1% of these users [1 million bloggers] have no time to create images but needs one for his blog posts, then there is a market for my photos!  After reading more about photography related materials, I discovered that there are hundreds of reasons why someone would want to have a copy of a photo.  I am listing some population uses that actually make money.
  • Online home business such -  I found out that there are websites that allow you to create products and sell them online.  All you need to do is upload an image and create the design.  The website will take care of the production and mailing of these products!  They even collect the money for you!  Some of the most popular are Café Press, Zazzle, and Etsy.  I am sure there are many more.
  •  Sell as printed products on school fairs, church fairs, City fairs -  One blogger also sent me a message saying he printed one of my building photos and sold it on a Sunday fair!  People are creative!
  • School project -  Few months ago, a student from Ohio send me a thank you note telling me he used my public domain picture as a background photo for an art class project.  It saved him money from buying online.
  • Educator's illustrations -  Another group of teachers informed me that they downloaded few of my building pictures for an ebook they are giving to a charity school project.
  • Posters and Calendars -  You can use the artistic pictures of buildings to print and sell or personally use as poster.
  • Greetings Card and Post Cards -  With a bit of creativity, you can create amazing greeting cards using these building pictures.
  • Tshirt Design -  I know someone out there can somehow use the building pictures as a tshirt design.  Maybe a funny thsirt design.  Who knows.
  • Picture for an blog post.  This is probably the most common reasons why people visit my photo blog.  A lot of them are looking for free images they can use for their blog posts or articles.  There are a lot of stock photo websites that sell images and sometimes it is not practical to purchase photos when you can actually find building photos being giving away for free online
  • News article.  A local paper can use these photos as well.
  • eBook image.  This is probably the second popular use of images.  You can write a short story and use my photos in ebooks.
  • Scrap booking image
  • Promotional posts -  Something to share on social media such as Facebook or twitter
  • Youtube videos -  People make money making Youtube videos. If you are looking for pictures for your video, why not browse my photo blog.  Who knows, you will find what you are looking for in my thousands of free building pictures.

Photo shoot locations

I do not travel a lot but when I do, I take as many pictures as I can and I take them from a public spot so I do not need to obtain permission from the building owners.  Here are few of the popular places I took photos from.

  • New York City
  • Chicago City
  •  Freeport Illinois
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Washington DC
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  •  Miami, Florida
  • Helen , GA
  • Nashville, Tennesse
I will be adding more locations as I travel more.

Photo editing tools

Sometimes when I have time, I use my phone to edit my building pictures using these phot apps.  I have a lot more of apps I use but these are my favorite ones.
  • Etchings
  • Artista Oil by Jixipix
  • Haiku by Jixipix
  • Glaze
  •  Painteresque
  •  Arto Oil Painting
  • Black Cam
  •  Bonfire
  • Dramatic BW by Jixipix
  •  Grungestastic by Jixipix
  • Moku Hanga by Jixipix
  • Photo
  •  Planetical
  •  PicSay
  •  Portrait Painter by Jixipix
  • Simply HDR by Jixipix
  • Sketch Me

My Gear

  •  Sony Nex C3
  • HTC M8
  • Iphone 4s

What you cannot do with my building photos

  • Claim as your own
  • Create another website or photo blog that directly compete with my photo blog
  • Use for illegal purposes

What are you waiting for, fee free to check out my thousands of building images dedicated into the public domain!

Last Updated:  August 5, 2015
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