List of free pictures websites and photo blogs for commercial use

I support other amateur photographers who dedicate their work into the public domain like me and I dedicate this blog post to them.  I have nothing against selling images for a living but things have changed.  Photography is unlike before.  My 7 year old nephew can now make amazing photos using his Sony Nex camera.  You see, it is now easy to create images using few hundred dollar cameras.  You can even use your smart phones and even edit them using countless phone applications.
List of free images websites
List of Free Images Websites

Again, here is a list of free pictures websites and photo blogs where you can download pictures for commercial or personal use.  Please make sure you read their terms and conditions before using their images.

Wikimedia Commons.  They have about 27 million uploaded free pictures.  This is a gold mine for those in the business of making money using public domain pictures.

Public Domain Photos.  This is a collection of 5000 free photos and 8000 free cliparts free for personal and commercial use.

Stock Photos for Free.  Their website claim they have about 100,000 completely free stock photos from around the world.

Life of Pix.  This is a good source of high resolution pictures with no copyright restrictions.

Plixs.  This website has thousands of hi quality images with CC0 license.

The British Library Flickr.  This has about 1 million pictures in public domain.  This is an awesome source of really old pictures from the past.  If you are creative, you can turn these pictures into something.

Pixabay.   They have about 430,000 free photos, vectors, and art illustrations. The good thing about this website is that they hand pick stunning images.

Gaderinge.  Created by photographer and web designer Laura Hardesty, this website is a collection of public domain pictures from everywhere.

US Government Photos.  This is a collection of USA government work therefore these are generally in public domain.  As an example, this includes a collection of great wildlife photos from the Fish and Wildlife as well as awesome space and exploration images from NASA.

Public Domain Pictures.  This photo blog is a collection high quality images through submission from its members.  They have about 70,000 images and you can download away.

Old Book Illustrations.  If you do not have time to search for old book illustrations in Project Gutenberg, this is a very good resource.  The webmasters collected images, illustrations, and photos from old public domain books and categorized them so you can easily find there here.  If you are in search for these images, this is your website.

Public Domain Vectors.  This is a collection of various formats of copy-right free vector images.

Free Stock Photos.  They have about 15,000 free stock photos of animals, borders, clipart, food, holidays and many more.  These are sourced from contributions, old books, purchased images and other websites.

PD Poster.  This is a catalog of public domain and vintage art and is updated with atleast 10 images daily.  You are free to use and modify their images for commercial or non-commercial purposes.  Their categories include performing arts poster, graphic arts poster, WPA poster, and world war poster.

Picdrome.  This is a growing public domain digital photography collection, free of copyright and license under CC0.1.0 Public Domain Dedication.  They have license disclaimers in their photos so make sure you read them before using their free images.

Morgue File.  If you are in search of high resolution stock photos for various creative needs, this is the website to visit.  Thier collections of photos are freely contributed by various artists.

WP Clip Art.  They have about 60,000 high quality public domain clip art.

Image After.  This is a large online free photo collection that allows you to freely download any of their image or textures.

Every Stock Photo.  This website works like a search engine for free photos and is one of the largest portal for stock photography community.  Drawings made by Alex.

Last updated:  August 11, 2015

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