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Clock free canvas painting like picture
clock free canvas painting like picture 

Free Pictures Description

  • Photo title - The Clock
  • When and where - I took these pictures of the popular four faced clock at the Grand Central Terminal.  This is located near the information  booth.  When you get there, you will most likely not miss this as a lot of New York tourists will be taking pictures of this popular object at the terminal.  This is probably the most photographed clock in the world.  This milk glass is estimated to be around $20 million so be careful when you are near this popular clock.
  • Possible uses -  This image of the popular Grand Central Terminal clock can be sued for various purposes from a haiku, poem, travel blog entry illustration, school project, greetings card, and many more.
  • Gear - Sony NEX C3

public domain picture of a flower
free picture of a flower

free picture of a flower painting
flower painting

Free Pictures Description

  • Photo title - Violet Flower Paintings
  • When and where - These flower free pictures were taken somewhere in one of the public parks of Atlanta, Georgia.  
  • Possible uses -  These pictures of flowers can be used for book covers, website blog posts, and many more.  These pictures are downloadable for free.
  • Gear - Sony NEX C3

tinola free picture
Pilipino tinola

Free Pictures Description

  • Photo title - Tinola ni Lola
  • When and where - This is a popular Pilipino dish called chicken tinola.  Its made of chicken, soup, with green vegestables.
  • Possible uses -  This free picture of tinola can be used in a recipe blog post or any commercial purpose use.
  • Gear - Sony NEX C3

public domain picture for commercial use
Chicago skyline

free image of Chicago Skyline free for commercial use

downloadable for commercial use Chicago skyline

Free Pictures Description

  • Photo title - Chicago City Skyline free images
  • When and where - These are edited pictures of the Chicago Skyline.  These free images are downloadable for commercial use.  I think I took these pictures in 2012 when my wife and I visited the awesome City of Chicago.  It was October and it was very cold!
  • Possible uses -  These free pictures of the skyline can be used for any purpose.
  • Gear - Sony NEX C3

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