PRO SECRETS for SHARP PORTRAITS! Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

PRO SECRETS for SHARP PORTRAITS! Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

From the comments:
this is a superb video. the entire presentation matches my personal experience exactly. the 85mm has been 1st choice for portraits as long as I remember.  I'd go to 100 though before I'd drop back to 50.   However: for group photos I'm going to be thinking 35mm, particularly indoors ( weddings, parties ) as there may not be enough space to go 50.   I like to stay away from wide open, extreemely fast glass like the 1.2 lenses that are popping up all over lately; personally I draw the line at F2 and like to think more along starting at F4.    Camera sensors are a lot better today than they were just 10 years ago...... I like to work with ISO higher than many recommendations--    I find it hard to find fault with ISO in the 400 to 1600 range
again: excellent video,..... "you guys are killing it!!"- G. Willie

 Actually on my tests I have found that wide open aperture with ISO 100 isn't as good as something like F5.6 with ISO 600. Lenses wide open loose sharpness, even L lenses. Most photography tests reveal that F8 is always better than F3.5 If you have a 6D which has really good noise reduction built in, then it's better to go for higher ISO. In fact without cropping, I find that higher ISO looks sharper up to ISO 1000, only noticeable when zoomed in 100%

The exception is if you have a prime lens, like a 50mm f1.8 which you want to shoot in mostly for the art style. - ArcanePath360

 This was so useful! Especially the part where you said that shooting close (Primarily what I shoot) it can focus on the eyelash and eyebrow. Even with a good lens continuous eye can miss the iris. Might be ok for a full body shot that will be going on instagram but for critical focus and having it printed that sometimes isnt enough. I started using dmf focusing that reason but now that I saw this video I will give single point eye af a shot and also the leaning in trick. Thanks so much for putting out this video. Helped a ton - Steven

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