Which camera mode should you use? P, A, S, M, Tv, Av

Which camera mode should you use? P, A, S, M, Tv, Av

What others say:

M is the simplest for me and I think that once you have become comfortable with what the camera settings are all about, it is the most trouble free. In A or S, I just find myself trying to second guess what the camera is doing and try to compensate for it. If I find things are so variable that I need to put it into auto, this is the time I take out my cellphone and start shooting with that instead. While the megapixels or sensor quality are not the same, the processing power built into phones nowadays seems to do wonders in comparison to having your camera try to figure out everything for you in extreme circumstances.

 Mark Harris:

For me too many people look at photography from an inverted perspective. It should be all about the image, not what camera or settings you do or don’t use as if there is some hierarchy of settings that define a pro. I have never sold a print for the customer to say "I don’t want it if you used any auto settings." I always use full manual in the studio when using monos or speedlights as other setting will try to give some light. But after that at least one aspect of the exposure is in auto for example birds in flight I want to be at least 1/1000 and f8, but then my ISO is in auto. We spend a fortune on kit, but then decide that the kit we buy isn’t good enough to take an image and we have to override it.


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