Capturing Powerful Portraits - Photographic Tips and techniques

Capturing Powerful Portraits - Photographic Tips and techniques

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Can't help but feel that this video was inspired our meet and my subsequent questions and discussion around lighting & portraiture at the Sony stall at Highpoint Shopping Centre a couple of weeks back, Mark! Thanks very much for such an in depth video. It has helped answer many of the questions that I had had. All the best, Andy. DGinola

 Very interesting and very useful tutorial, and you really share very valuable things, it is more than evident that you know the art and craft of portraits photography. I want to mention that it is really wonderful also to listen at your soft, calm and just enough strong voice. Thank you so very much for the time you have invested to make this tutorial of great quality. France Quirion

 The power settings for three point flash lighting fixed an issue I’ve had since I shot on film in the bad old days.  Thanks man.  Also your review of the A1 helped me decide to go with the A9ii and pick up some good glass with the savings, not that I didn’t want the A1, I just didn’t need it for what I shoot, and since I just dumped Canon after 15 years, restarting my glass collection was more important. stuffwarrensez

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