FOOLPROOF 4 Step Black and White Photos!

FOOLPROOF 4 Step Black and White Photos!

From the comments:

Excellent! You're a good and inspiring teacher! It takes less than 10 seconds to see that you love what you do! This B&W workflow is spot on especially with the reference to your  Linear Light Dodge and Burn! I added a Curves adjustment and Levels adjustment as the two last steps (they have to be the top ones in the group) for some final tweaks. I have a special folder with example edits covering different aspects of photo editing where I have saved this workflow. I'm slowly getting to the point "I know I have it somewhere" compared to a few years ago when I could say with certainty "The workflow is in the B&W picture of the Old Man of Storr". So I do my best to counteract that :) Again, a big Thank you for your inspiring videos! - Günther Dippe

 Tried this out on a recent photo I had converted to B&W recently and the difference is amazing. So much more control over just flipping it to B&W and then trying to make more changes. I've learned so much since starting to watch this channel. I've struggled with coming to understand there are 2 aspects, the taking of the photo, and the processing. To get a better photos you have to understand and learn both aspects and this channel has really helped. Thanks. - Phil O'Brien

 Thank you.  I am 70 years old and have been using Photoshop since 1994.  I have many techniques and actions I have developed for my use over time.  Then you throw something completely new (to me) and much better out there.  I cannot afford your membership, but I really appreciate your channel and taking my processing up a notch or 2.  Maybe next year when tourism is back, I can join and learn more.  I have just been watching your videos old and new to educate myself during the the months of enforced near isolation.  Thank you again. - DeMorcan

 Much appreciated Blake, I want to congratulate you on the “Infalible 4 step Black and White processing for impactful results” video in which you show your latest jewel in image processing; in this case, to convert a color image to black and white. The technique has many positive aspects that it is unnecessary and lacking in common senses that I would want to detail them, less when you are its author; however, I want to contribute by stressing an aspect in the handling of this new technique that is very useful for the image editor. After applying the colors that best enhance the original image and then converting it to black and white, it is likely that the editor is not entirely satisfied with the result, in which case he has an easy and expeditious solution by adjusting the three layers that regulate the color, but, in doing so, keeping the general composition in black and white in view, with which the small adjustments or tweaks, which may be eventually required, will show their virtues and defects to the eyes of the editor in the same grayscale version. Cheers. - Sergio Sotomayor Prat

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