6 minutes of NO BS, straight to the point PORTRAIT Photography tips!

6 minutes of NO BS, straight to the point PORTRAIT Photography tips!

From the comments:
As a self taught photographer, I’m loving this kind of intuitive and easy to understand tutorial. Thanks Manny! Narithy Deth

 It wasn't until recently that I started treating my camera like a tool. Almost all of my fears of scoffing the camera didn't stop my camera from getting scoffs and scratches. Don't know where those came from but that's what a camera is.... a tool and you need it to work in different conditions. Appreciate the content. Earthly Lynx

 I loved the whole video but especially the intro. Gear matters to an extent but you were dead on when you said it can't replace a photographers eye. Composition and understanding lighting is so important. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Manny!!! Roles Flipped

 Manny more of this please...make it a thing you do once or twice a month call the series "No BS" you can give me the credit its cool. As a photog sometimes my biggest questions come from smack dab during the creation process and seeing you verbalize why you are doing what you are doing instead of ...b roll....random footage clip....b roll...edited shots...this allows us to see how your mind works and admire the greatness you capture with that camera bro. great job!! by B Green

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