Straight to the point, NO BS, Urban Photography tips

Straight to the point, NO BS, Urban Photography tips

From the comments:

Manny, I freaking love that you don’t use a lens hood. I’ve been debating to stop carrying them on my bigger lenses. I feel like they rob me of my joy in shooting. I’m happiest when I shoot without them. So many photographers say it’s a must, but I noticed you don’t use it a lot of times and you get the most amazing shots. I’m going to give not carrying them all the time a shot and see how it goes. You’re me hero for so many reasons. By Roadrider_27

 As someone who is transitioning from a run and gun style of street to more portrait oriented stuff, your videos are so helpful man. I like how you break everything down and actually narrate your videos and thought processes while you’re going through compositions. The think out loud style is so insightful. All around great stuff my guy thanks for your contribution to the creative space. And of course all the photos are dope. Much love from Pittsburgh. By Nick McCumber

 Honesty this video has boosted my confidence. I’m always worried about shooting outside and like not really knowing what to do or if I need a flash and stuff. But you have a camera and lens and focused a lot on the composition. 

Like this type of video is great cause you are giving some tips here and there, you can see the workflow and the thinking behind the shots. 

I’m getting ideas for my future shoots and it gives me some confidence to like have a better grasp on what to do. 

(As you can tell I’m A little new to the game). By Steven Ramirez


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