A girl befriends a monster, bad dream

A girl befriends a monster, bad dream

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lily who had a recurring nightmare. Every time she fell asleep, she found herself in a dark and eerie forest, where she was chased by a terrifying monster with sharp claws and glowing red eyes. Lily tried to avoid the monster at all costs, but it always seemed to find her and terrorize her.

One night, as she was running from the monster, Lily stumbled and fell. She braced herself for the worst, but to her surprise, the monster stopped chasing her and offered her a helping hand. Lily was scared at first, but as the monster spoke to her, she realized that it wasn't as scary as she had once thought. In fact, it was quite friendly and wanted to be her friend.

As they walked through the forest together, Lily discovered that the monster had a name: Gideon. Gideon had been alone in the forest for many years, and had never had a friend before. He was grateful to Lily for befriending him and didn't want to scare her anymore. Together, they explored the forest and had many adventures.

Over time, Lily's bad dream transformed into a happy one. She looked forward to sleeping and seeing her friend Gideon. The once-scary monster had become her closest companion, and she no longer feared him. In fact, she learned that things aren't always what they seem, and sometimes, the things that scare us can become our greatest allies.

The next time Lily had her dream, she didn't run from the monster. Instead, she called out to Gideon and eagerly awaited his arrival. When he appeared, they smiled at each other and set off on a new adventure together. In that moment, Lily knew that she had found a friend for life, even if he was a monster in a bad dream

 tags: a girl uses some source of light to light up the dark and expose a monster about to either to tap her head or snatch her away, scry bad dream scene, monsters in our dreams

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