Soldiers of the Hundred Year War

Free Picture Description: Some tidbits about the Hundred Year War

1. Archers played a significant role in the conflict. The English used longbowmen, who were highly skilled at firing arrows at long distances. The French also had archers, but they were generally less effective than their English counterparts.

2.  Knights were the most prestigious soldiers on the battlefield. They were heavily armored and rode horses, making them formidable opponents in combat. However, they were also expensive to maintain, and their numbers dwindled over the course of the war. 

3.  Both sides employed mercenaries, who were soldiers for hire. These soldiers came from all over Europe and were known for their brutality and willingness to fight for whichever side paid them the most. 

4.  Disease was a significant problem for soldiers on both sides. The unsanitary conditions of medieval warfare led to outbreaks of diseases such as dysentery and the bubonic plague, which could decimate entire armies. 

5.  The role of women in the war was often overlooked, but some women fought on the battlefield disguised as men. Joan of Arc is perhaps the most famous example of a woman who played a significant role in the conflict. 

6.  The Hundred Years' War saw the rise of professional standing armies, which were maintained by both England and France after the war ended. This marked a shift from the medieval practice of raising armies on an ad hoc basis. 

7.  The conflict had a profound impact on the development of military tactics and technology. It saw the introduction of gunpowder weapons, the increased use of artillery, and the development of new strategies for besieging castles and fortifications.

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