Public Domain Pictures Uses: You can make use our free downloadable copyright and royalty free pictures dedicated into the public domain for many purposes including unlimited commercial use. Our free photos are available for download by anyone. Yes they are free!

Our customers use our free public domain pictures creating products they sell on Etsy, Fiverr and even eBay and Amazon. They modify and edit our downloadable pictures and create something new and amazing!

Others use it as illustrations for school projects, office presentation and advertising slides including commercial videos, Youtube reviews and company and/or product posters. Some use our free pictures as background for their blogs, websites and even use them to make greetings cards.

There are unlimited number of products you can create using our free pictures and we hope you find success. So if you are a content creator, a teacher looking for pictures for school illustrations, a student looking for free pictures for school projects, a blogger or website owner looking for background photos or just images, check out our pictures.

Are all your pictures really free?

Yes.  All the pictures here are our creations and we are dedicating them into the public domain.  So yes, they are free.

Can I use your pictures for personal or commercial purpose?


Do I have to credit you?

No but all we ask is considering mentioning it in your blog/website or writing a review.  See Photo Credits for an easy credits template.

How can I save or download your pictures?

Right click on the image and click save.  Here's a guide to downloading high resolution images.

Can I create a gallery of free pictures using your free pictures?

We cannot control what you will do with our free pictures but please don't.

Can I use a software to download your pictures?

Please do not use any software to bulk download my pictures because it causes our blog to slow down and that prevents other people from enjoying these free pictures.

Can you suggest ways to make money from these images?

We wrote an overview about this topic .  See our article about making money form public domain pictures.

Why are you sharing blurred or out of focus pictures?

We have seen people create something awesome out of something less ordinary.