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Blue sky with the American flag flying

Free Picture Description

  • Photo title - "Blue Sky with the American Flag Flying High"
  • When and where - This was taken at the Harbor at the Waterfront Park in Savannah, Georgia sometime 2012.  It was a cool summer day when I visited this awesome southern old city.  While taking photo of the birds at the harbor, I noticed this flag flying high in the sky and it looked grand so I took a photo of it.  
  • Possible uses -  Someone in search of photos of the American flag flying high in the sky can download and use this in a blog about the United States.  This can also be used by a writer as an illustration for a poem of a story about American Patriotism.
  • Photo editing tool - I edited this using  Painteresque, an easy to use photo app.  
  • Gear - Sony Nex C3


American flag, flying high, sky, patriotism, Savannah sky, blue

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Blue sky picture from a stop sign

Free Picture Description

  • Photo title - "Blue Sky on a Stop Sign"
  • When and where - As I stopped on a red light somewhere in the streets of Atlanta, GA, I noticed, looking at the horizon in front of me, that the sky was unusually beautiful, amidst the cars and buildings in front of me.  I quickly snapped a photo of the sky and here it is!
  • Possible uses -  I can imagine someone writing about traffic or red light can use this as a photo on an article online.
  • Photo editing tool - I have been playing around with Painteresque to see which type of photo its works well on and so far it works well on any photo.  
  • Gear - iPhone 4s


blue sky on the horizon, stop sign, cars, buildings, for blogs

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A dormant tree with the blue sky background

Free Picture Description

  • Photo title - "A Dormant Tree with the Blue Sky Background"
  • When and where - While shopping at the Georgia Outlet Mall on a cold afternoon, I noticed that it was about sunset and it created a light blue sky with a slight orange and red colors on the sky.  It was beautiful it had to take a photo of it.  From where I was standing, I noticed a dormant tree and I took this picture of the blue sky as the background.  
  • Possible uses -  I think this free picture of the sky can be used by a poet on a piece about dreams or someone sleeping.
  • Photo editing tool - This is edited using Painteresque.
  • Gear - iPhone 4s


blue sky behind a dormant tree, public domain content, free picture of the clouds, picture for blogs

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Just the Sky

Free Picture Description

  • Photo title - "Just the Sky"
  • When and where - I was at the Piedmont Park when I took this photo of the sky.  I was actually timing photos to capture birds but this is what I got.  Anyway, I thought I should share this random blue sky photo.  
  • Possible uses -  This blue sky photo is perfect for background for quotations or sayings.
  • Photo editing tool - Edited using a newly discovered powerful photo app called Painteresque.  
  • Gear - Sony Nex C3


sky, background blue sky, clouds, summer day, picture of sky for blogs

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