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  • Photo title - Building with blue windows free picture for commercial use
  • When and where - I traveled to an old City in Illinois called Freeport (previously called Winneshiek) and I was surprised to see a lot of abandoned buildings.  Its a small city and it took me about an hour to walk around the downtown area.  There were so many buildings that looked like they were prepared for a business to move in but never came.  Some looked eerie but they also offered good photo locations.  I felt like being transported 50 years back while walking the old streets.  It has the feel of old cities in the South with less tourists.  I also took some black and white photos of the old buildings and I am dedicating them into the public domain as well.  Check out 42 Old building free pictures taken in Freeport, Illinois.
  • Possible uses -  This Freeport building with windows having shades of blue can be used by for commercial purposes by someone creating post cards or greeting cards.
  • Photo editing tool - Edited using a photo app called Painteresque.  
  • Gear - Sony Nex C3


Freeport, Illinois, Winneshiek, blue windows, old buildings, abandoned buildings, commercial use, public domain content

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