Free Picture of 9 East Coffee in Freeport Illinois

Free picture of 9 East Coffee in Freeport Illinois

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  • Photo title - Free picture of 9 East Coffee in Freeport, Illinois
  • When and where - During one of my trips to Illinois, I stopped by a small city called Freeport and I was amazed by how old it looked.  It was as if people just left.  There were old buildings left with no tenants (mostly ground floor was being used but not the second floors).  I also noticed that there were really few people downtown and the city have the old city feel which is appealing to me.  Downtown looks like a ghost town but it felt so safe and peaceful.  The people I met were also super nice and friendly.   I also find that the old empty buildings of Freeport are perfect for photographers hoping to capture the old city look.   During my walk around downtown, I found this little coffee shop called 9 East Coffee and they have really good coffee!!! Please visit them when you happen to be in Freeport.  They are located at 9 East Stephenson Street.   I also took few photos around the city.  Feel free to download and use them at 42 Old building free pictures taken in Freeport, Illinois.
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  • Photo editing tool - Edited using a photo app called Painteresque.  
  • Gear - Sony Nex C3


9 East Coffee, Freeport, Illinois, public domain content

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