7 black and white light bulb free pictures

Question:  Where can I download black and white free pictures?  I wanted to add pictures of light bulb to my blog posts and I was looking for free pictures online but I am not sure about  the licenses.  I wanted to make sure I use a 100% free picture so I don't get into trouble.  I understand there are a lot of copyright issues involved when using a photo without permission.  I appreciate any help finding anything related to light bulbs or any object related to artificial light. 
Answer:  Here are black and white pictures of a light bulb.  These are originally colored pictures but I edited them.   You will notice there there are slight differences on these pictures as I played a bit on their elements.
black-white-light-bulb-free-picture- (1008)
black-white-light-bulb-free-picture- (1009)black-white-light-bulb-free-picture- (1010)black-white-light-bulb-free-picture- (1011)black-white-light-bulb-free-picture- (1012)black-white-light-bulb-free-picture- (1007)black-white-light-bulb-free-picture- (1008)

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