1000 Free pictures released into the public domain!

As of today, October 15, 2013, I now have 1,000 pictures released into the public domain!  Most of these pictures include birds, squirrel, buildings, the beach , a little bit of black and white pictures, even sunset paintings, cemeteries and many more!  All these pictures are available for download and use for any purpose.  If you are searching for pictures you can use for your blog or pictures you want to use for your school project or simply something you can use for your illustration purposes, please check out my public domain pictures.  If you know someone searching for pictures for t-shirt, mugs, or cup printing, some of my photos may also be good for these purposes as well. 
Again, these are all free pictures so feel free to use them.  If you are just looking for public domain pictures, feel free to check out my photo blog.

Next stop? 5,000 free pictures!

Here are some of photos I released so far.

I added this cactus free picture  in my random pictures post.

Here's another building free picture  picture taken in Charleston S. Carolina.

A homeless man in New York City.

A dead rat picture I took along the street.

A small boat among hundreds of boats  in Chicago.

A bird at the Navy Pier in Chicago

An angry cat

Beautiful cloud formations during a sunset

I will be releasing more pictures into the public domain so come back for more!

Date of count:  October 2013

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