Awesome Android phone application : Water Reflection

I use my Android phone (the awesome HTC One) to edit my pictures and one application I love is the Water Reflection by Dumpling Sandwich.  This app creates water reflection to any photo and it does it in an instant.  All you have to do is install their free application and select the photo's you like to add a water reflection and whala!

Application Name:  Water Reflection by Dumpling Sandwich
Cost:  Free!!! 
Here's an example.

US Capitol with water reflection
The photo above is the edited version.  I used the Water Reflection app to add water effects.  It doesn't really make sense to have water effects in this photo but for illustration purposes, here's an example.  The phone app is also user friendly.

Tip:  Based on my tests to about 45 pictures, this works well with pictures with a blue sky background (like my example here).

original picture of the US Capitol
With a bit of creativity, you should be able to create awesome water reflection effects to your photos.  Have fun!  Please visit us again for more awesome phone applications I use to edit my pictures.

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