Free Black and White pictures added to Categories of free pictures!

I now added Black and White as one of my main categories of free pictures and I will be releasing a lot of black and white pictures soon. What this mean is when you open a black and white blog post, you will notice that all related pictures that will show up are black and white pictures ONLY but they may not be of a related subject.

My objective is to have a main category where people who are just looking for random black and white pictures can start from.  Clicking on each black and white blog post will give them black and white related pictures only but that does not mean there are no other related pictures about the subject.

Remember, you will only see black and white related free pictures when you are in a black and white blog post so use the search bar if you want to find related subjects to find colored pictures of the same subject.

Here are some of my first black and white free pictures to get you started.

Black and white light bulb taken at my apartment complex.

Black and white building free picture

There will be a lot more black and white pictures to be released into the public domain so feel free to check them out again.  All these black and white pictures are free for download ans use for any purpose.  You may use it as an additional illustration in your blog posts, some use it as print designs on their tee shirt business while some just collect pictures.


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