Create extraordinary photos using a brilliant great photo app called Paintereque!

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Small but powerful photo app

Painteresque is a photo phone application created by Simon Funk.  This is a fantastic app as it is quick and easy to use.  It turns your ordinary picture into an amazing work of art.  It is described as a tool to revisualize your photos through an artist's eye and the filters were based on a model of the eye developed to enable artificial intellegence to see.  It is suggested to work well with scenery, still lifes, architecture, and animals.  I tried it and I find that it has tons of possibilities.

Find Painteresque pictures here!!!

Photo app styles

You can create a custom filter based on your own taste but it also comes with pre-loaded styles.  Here is one random picture I edited using the filters.

Edited using Painteresque 2

Edited using Painteresque 1

Edited using Lithograph
Edited using Colored Pencil

Edited using Charcoal
Edited using Rainbow

Edited using Mars


This is available for both IOS and Android.

Price $2

Find Painteresque pictures here!!!

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