7 Essential Street Photography Composition Tips

7 Essential Street Photography Composition Tips

From the comments:
Solid post, well illustrated and explained, Mike.  All points have been covered many times on YT, but repetition reinforces concepts.  Tips applicable to other photo genres.  Layering and negative space, IMO, least understood and effectively applied — perhaps good topics for more in-depth coverage in future vids.  Would add selective use of B&W to overcome colorful but distracting non-subject elements.  Cheers! - Paul M

 Love these videos! Quick question I'm 14 years old wanting to get into sport photography obviously with this you will need a decent enough lens is there any ways on do u have any ideas of how to ear  and invest into a bit of gear - Piyush

 There. I smashed the like button. But it's because I actually found the video useful, informative, and inspiring. Really digging these videos, I learn something new or at least confirm what I am doing "sort of" correctly. - Villagemayor

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