SHUTTERSPEED - EASY EXPLAINED Photography Tutorial for Beginner

SHUTTERSPEED - EASY EXPLAINED  Photography Tutorial for Beginner

From the comments:
Thank you so much Sir for this very helpful video. I now really understand how does the shutter speed works and when to use it. I was so confused how to use the shutter speed as well as the F stop. You are indeed a great teacher and a professional photographer.
I cannot practice now yet to use the shutter speed and the F stop since I do not own a dslr yet but once I will have one I will surely watch again your videos and apply them while using the camera to really understand them more.
God bless sir and I will watch your upcoming videos. - Dalton Dagyagnao

 I recently started to learn photography and I've been watching tons of videos and taking notes and most of them I understood but when I came across your videos on learning photography , off the bat i understand what your saying on explaining on how to become a good photographer. Can't wait for more videos from you so I can grow thank you Benjamin for taking the time to make the time to break it down for the people like me because I have a hard time learning sometimes. - Matthew Urquiza

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