The Rule of Thirds in 5 minutes | Creating More Dynamic Framing

The Rule of Thirds in 5 minutes | Creating More Dynamic Framing

From the comments:
I’m a Beginner in photography: Thank you so much.  When I’ve tried to get information and examples of ROT they have always been based around using the horizon.  I can better understand it now with your examples using a persons eyes or the subject of interest. This will greatly help me!- Angie Morrison-Weahunt

 Thank you so much for that explanation, Julian. I was interested in the rule of thirds by reading about "implied motion"  in my Appreciation class. I am a STEM major, but I have been fascinated by all of these things I am learning about art. - Tonné k

 Julian,  I love the video!  So informative!  Amazing that you take the explanation back to its origins in the Renaissance.  I really wish there was a version without the "art boobies" and alcohol being consumed.  With those things, I cannot use the video in my classroom for my 8th graders.  Very sad because you explain it so well!- Colleen Cassel

 This content is very good and SUPER helpful! I have just recently started producing and from not knowing what I was doing, THESE videos helped me with setting a foundation from which I can work off. Thanks very much! Would really appreciate it if you could watch my videos when i post them and email me your critical opinion on them. once again thanks for your videos! -Thabo

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